The following are answers to some of the most common questions or problems users come across.
  • What Unity versions are supported in general? Most of the assets are tested to work with Unity 2017 and higher.

  • Can I access a fix or updated build before it's available in the Asset Store? Join FORGE3D Discord server to be the first in the line to get new updates and instant support.

  • Is there a mobile support? Yes. The majority of the assets work on the mid to high range performance mobile platforms including the Sci-Fi Effects, Force Field and Planets.

  • Do FORGE3D assets support Lightweight, URP and HDRP rendering? I look into adding more rendering pipelines to extend the list: * Sci-Fi Effects - LWRP for Unity 2018, URP for Unity 2019+, Standard Renderer for Unity 2017+ * Planets - Standard 2017+, URP 2019+

  • After importing your pack to Unity I get a bunch of errors and the materials appear pink. The materials are pink because you're missing (or have incorrect) Rendering Pipeline package dependency in your project. Make sure to add and configure the appropriate rendering pipeline required by the pack: * Assets built for Standard pipeline work out of the box. * LWRP setup: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/installing-lwrp-into-an-existing-project.html * URP setup: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/InstallURPIntoAProject.html

  • After importing your pack to Unity the materials look incorrectly/too intense. All FORGE3D assets are built for Linear color space. Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings and switch the Color Space to Linear. Read more: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LinearRendering-LinearOrGammaWorkflow.html

  • The heat/blastwave/refraction shader looks weird in LWRP/URP. Open Universal Render Pipeline Asset and check the Opaque Texture to allow the GrabPass in the Heat shader. You can also check Depth Texture to enable soft particles. Read more: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/universalrp-asset.html

  • After importing the Sci-Fi Effect for URP in Unity 2020, 2021 all Universal Renderer Pipeline/Particles/Unlit materials ignore transparency and become filled with fog color. It's a bug in the URP starting with 10.4.0 affecting some of the default Unity shaders. As a quick workaround you can disable fog in Window/Rendering/Lighting Settings/Environment -> Fog or replace the shader in the material with FORGE3D/Additive as a temporary solution.

Something Missing?

If something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please file an issue with your suggestions for improvements.