Shader Variants

The Force Field includes several various types of shaders available in the Assets/FORGE3D/Force Field/Shaders/ folder.

FORGE3D/Force Field/Force Field

ForceField is the default shader with just the basic options and 24 simultaneous impacts enabled.

  • Field Texture – The grayscale mask that is used by the shader to build up the visual shield effect.

  • Inner Mask Tint – Set up a shield color on the Inner part of the impact splash.

  • Outer Mask Tint – Set up a shield color on the Outer part of the impact splash.

  • Mesh Offset – Pushes the shield mesh along its normals.

  • Field Texture Pan Speed – Animate the texture offset of the masks.

  • Field Background Visibility – Is the first layer that makes the shield feedback at the moment of an impact.

  • Field Sparks Visibility – Makes texture masks shine at the time of their intersection. Best used with Field Texture Pan Speed.

  • Inner Mask Offset – Will flash first at the point of impact and will fade inwards over time. Specifies the size of the original mask where higher values will make the mask appear smaller due to POW function

  • Inner Mask Feather – Controls how smooth the Inner Mask should be drawn.

  • Outer Mask Offset – Will reveal at the impact point spreading outwards and forming a “blast wave” effect.

  • Outer Mask Feather Controls how smooth the Outer Mask should be drawn.

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