Sci-Fi Effects

Introducing Sci-Fi Effects, an extensive collection of over 90 high-quality weapon and effects prefabs designed to enhance your sci-fi projects.

This guide describes the features of the Sci-Fi Effects. A basic understanding of the Unity engine, as well as C# programming language is assumed. Having basic knowledge of the shader and visual effects design in Unity may be advantageous.

Example scenes provided within the package utilize some of the prefabs and demonstrate usage of these effects while all scripts are self explanatory and well documented.

Public demos

Complete feature list

  • Standard Renderer / URP / HDRP

  • Modular turret parts counting 22 components

  • Turret Editor and Turret Constructor

  • Turret Tracking Controller

  • Pool Manager

  • 12 ready to use weapon effects with sounds

  • 8 Explosion effects

  • 8 Missile models with additional LOD

  • Missile prediction controller

  • Trail and exhaust effects

  • Warp tunnel

  • Warp jump

  • Burnout effect

  • Holographic effect

  • Fading debris field

  • Nebula clouds

Basic requirements

  • Unity 2019.4+

  • Standard Rendering Pipeline / URP / HDRP*

  • Linear Color Space

*HDRP requries Input System package installed from the Package Manager.

Scriptable Renderer Pipeline

  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP) requires Unity 2019.4+

  • High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP) requires Unity 2020.2+


Known issues

  • After importing the Sci-Fi Effect for URP in Unity 2020, 2021 all Universal Renderer Pipeline/Particles/Unlit materials ignore transparency and become filled with fog color. It's a bug in the URP starting with 10.4.0 affecting some of the default Unity shaders. As a quick workaround you can disable fog in Window/Rendering/Lighting Settings/Environment -> Fog or replace the shader in the material with FORGE3D/Additive as a temporary solution.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or feature requests please do not hesitate to reach out via Contact Form or join my Discord Server for new updates and instant support.

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