[Version 1.51 changes]

Minimal required Unity version is LTS 2021.3+

Universal Rendering Pipeline:

  • Requires Universal RP 12.1.7+

  • Fixed Deferred rendering support

  • Minor atmosphere and cloud shadows tweak

[Version 1.5 changes]

  • Added Universal Rendering Pipeline support

  • Materials, shaders, shader functions and scenes are now packed into 'rendering templates' or .unitypackages

  • Appropriate rendering template (URP or Standard) will be imported automatically upon first project launch based on the current installed pipeline in your project

  • Rendering pipeline can be switched/imported manually from /Assets/FORGE3D/Planets/SRP Templates/. Please note this will overwrite any custom changes you may have in the existing Planets materials and shaders.

[Version 1.41 changes]

  • Fixed falloff values on triplanar nodes which caused surface textures disappear when upscaling the planet

  • UV Offset parameter in the atmosphere shader is now named properly in its inspector

  • Minor atmosphere tweaks

[Version 1.41 changes]

  • Custom vertex/fragment lighting system removed in favor of Unity’s lighting.

  • Multiple lights support: Directional, Point. Added Reflection Probe support.

  • All planet prefabs have been recreated from the ground up using new shader framework

  • PRB Surface (Specular) shaders built with Amplify Shader Editor v1.4.5

  • Out of the box shader compatibility across all platforms (SM 3.0+)

  • Linear Color prefabs (Gamma color prefabs not included)

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