There are several example scenes included under Assets/FORGE3D/Sci-Fi Effects/Examples path:

  • Turrets Weapon example scene that uses specific copies of prefabs located inside the Example folder

  • Effects This scene has most of the prefabs came with the initial version of the asset, which are ready to be used in your project. Make sure to disable ‘Looping’ flag on a particle system when appropriate.

  • Burnout Check the F3DBurnoutExample script located on the turret for a basic usage example.

  • Warp Tunnel This example demonstrates a warp tunnel over nebula clouds.

  • Holographic The holographic shader settings are self explanatory. The interlaced effect applied by using screen space coordinates.

  • Nebula The nebula cloud is faded by using normal to view angle difference, as well as camera distance to board surface.

  • Debris Field The debris field is faded according to camera distance to its surface to achieve smooth transitions.

  • Warp Jump The warp jump effect uses combination of particles systems and special mesh. Each mesh is scaled at the moment of opening, while its texture is twisted with help of special shader. You can use _ShipPosition game object to match the ship’s position with the warp spark moving through the tunnel.

  • Missiles The missiles example scene contains sample missile meshes (LOD0) and the example launcher script to demonstrate missile trails and explosions in action. The missile script has three modes: Unguided, Guided and Predictive. This scene has the onscreen UI overlay which explains the controls.

Please note that example scripts provided may require additional modifications before they can be used in your project or may not be suited for usage in different environments at all.

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