Sci-Fi Effects 2.1

[Version 2.1 changes]

  • Asset is now Unity 2019.4+ compatible

  • All content has been updated to support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) 7.3.1+

  • You can modify shaders with Amplify Shader Editor‚Äč

[Version 2.05b changes]

  • Asset is now Unity 2017.4+ compatible

  • Example scenes have been revamped

  • Shaders have been rewritten to support Amplify Shader Editor and PBR pipeline

    [Version 2.02b changes]

  • Added Unity 5.6.0 Support

  • Build errors have been fixed

  • Beam UV Animation has been fixed

  • Turret's scene missing weapon sockets has been added to MLRS and Laser turrets

  • The package has been extended with additional Unity 5.3.6 support

[Version 2.01b changes]

  • The PoolManager database creation path has been fixed. We've added the string path variable to the editor script pointing to the "Assets/FORGE3D/Resources/F3DPoolManagerCache" folder.

  • PoolManager's Limit frame and Keep target FPS is now applied correctly

  • The FORGE3D menu in the Unity Editor has been redesigned including several new links and categories

  • The Sci-Fi Effects video overview has been added to the product page

[Version 2.0b changes]

  • Added 22 modular turret parts for PC and Mobile

  • Added Turret editor

  • Added Turret constructor

  • Added Turret tracking controller

  • PoolManager has been redesigned completely

  • Fixed bugs, errors and warnings from legacy version

  • Multiple turret duplicates are now allowed reusing the legacy weapon controller

  • Warp tunnel fixes has been applied