Getting started

Enable Opaque Texture

If you run into broken things and gray squares over the explosion effect just check one URP Asset checkbox.

Open your Universal Render Pipeline Asset and check the Opaque Texture to allow the GrabPass in the Heat shader.

Switch to Linear Color

Set your project settings to linear color space. If you haven’t done so go to Edit > Project Settings > Player and select Linear using drop down list:

Read more on Linear or Gamma workflow.

If you decide to stay in gamma space it may require tweaking color values depending on your personal preferences. Most of the materials are good for using with both color spaces, however a separate copy of a material is provided for cases with significant visual difference.

Particle Samples

Most of the particle effects provided are set to be looped over time for demo purposes. Before using the actual prefabs make sure to uncheck Looping flag for the current parent and all of the child particle systems if appropriate: